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Chiropractor 1 Padanaram Road Danbury, CT 06810 (203) 450-9963 Get in touch with a chiropractor in Danbury, CT specializing in injury pain relief by dialing (203) 450-9963.  At Danbury Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation our practitioners focus on providing the most advanced chiropractic treatment for injuries to help all ages recover quickly and safely.  We will create an individualized chiropractic rehabilitation program to help you alleviate pain and regain strength no matter where or how you’re injured.

Poor posture can cause spinal misalignment problems leaving you with pretty terrible back pain.  If you’re experiencing severe pain in your back you should think about calling a chiropractic clinic able to offer spinal decompression and other therapies.  One call to our number puts you in touch with a Danbury chiropractor able to end back pains.

You can count on our entire staff to help you alleviate injury pain and recover fully from any accident.  Our services include chiropractic laser therapy to relieve muscle and joint pain along with pediatric chiropractic care for kids of all ages.  Do you have back problems from herniated discs?  Let our experts provide disc herniation treatments to correct this problem.

The first and only call you should make for a chiropractor in Danbury, CT is to Danbury Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  We help patients of all ages deal with sports and accident-related injuries all over their bodies.  One call to (203) 450-9963 will put you in touch with our chiropractors today.

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Chiropractor in Danbury, CT
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