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Taxes 13747 Montfort Drive Suite 350 Dallas TX (972) 890-9296 Glazer Financial Network deals with taxes in Dallas, TX for individuals and small to large businesses.  Dial (972) 890-9296 to reach tax preparation specialists able to assist you in maximizing personal deductions or to assist with payroll, sales and other business taxes.  We offer service personalized to each client’s needs in order to help you reduce tax obligations when filing each year.

An unpleasant surprise when the tax bill is due can be avoided with smart tax planning throughout the fiscal year.  This is best accomplished with the help of our Dallas taxes specialists who can assist you in planning out what you will have to pay based upon how your company does financially each year.  In the US or with international tax planning, we are here to help you.

We put our extensive knowledge of US and international tax law at your disposal to minimize business and personal taxes.  Through our various financial services, we strive to lower your tax bracket while using that money for tax-deferred investing to potentially increase net worth. Simply put, one call here will put the local taxes experts on your side now.

You will find help with corporate and individual taxes in Dallas, TX with one call to Glazer Financial Network.  We can prepare tax forms and even assist you in reducing what you owe every year.  Call (972) 890-9296 for an analysis of your tax situation today.

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Taxes in Dallas, TX
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