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Physical Therapy 3511 Braselton Hwy Dacula GA 30019 (770) 728-8231Make finding professional physical therapy in Dacula, GA your top priority by dialing (770) 728-8231 to schedule an assessment. Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Centers offers advanced physical rehabilitation options for clients in need of quality patient care. Our personalized restorative programs provide appropriate acute pain management when intermittent pain prevents you from reaching your occupational therapy objectives.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a skilled professional athlete, you need professional physical rehabilitation services to restore your body to top condition. The dedicated physical therapists at our local Dacula physical therapy center provide superb sports medicine after you have sustained a sports injury. Throughout your recuperative athletic training, we will be right by your side providing the support you need to achieve your wellness goals.

Physical rehabilitation is a functional restoration practice that combines therapeutic exercise with hands on recovery techniques. Our manual therapy processes are customized to fit your unique condition while providing the most effective patient management possible. The skilled physical therapists at our clinic are specially trained to promote optimal health by using a variety of progressive treatments for individuals plagued by neuromusculoskeletal problems.

Gain personalized physical rehabilitation services from a team of knowledgeable and caring professionals by placing a call to (770) 728-8231 right away. Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Centers is a qualified provider of physical therapy in Dacula, GA. Call today to schedule your appointment for physical reconditioning.

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Physical Therapy in Dacula, GA
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