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Tutor 2176 Mendon Road Suite 1500 Cumberland RI 02864 (803) 265-2554Finding a tutor in Cumberland, RI is simple; just dial (803) 265-2554 and talk to the staff at Sylvan Learning Center. If your child is having trouble with school in areas like math or writing, we are here to help them gain a better understanding of these subjects. Get in touch with our center to see how we can arrange for your child to meet regularly with a friendly math tutor or reading tutor.

Students who are struggling in school can greatly improve their grades and test scores with the help of a caring Cumberland tutor from Sylvan. Our tutoring center utilizes technological devices like computers and tablets to help kids learn in a way that is fun for them. We even have after school programs focusing on video game design and computer programing.

We offer test prep services for students that have trouble doing well on important exams. SAT prep and ACT prep are just some of the many other services we offer. Along with weekly private tutoring sessions, we offer online tutoring as well.

Give your son or daughter the academic help they need by contacting Sylvan Learning Center at (803) 265-2554 to hire a tutor in Cumberland, RI. We offer tutoring services ranging from homework help to GED tutor programs. Find out more by contacting us by phone today.

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Tutor in Cumberland, RI
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