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Vet 4701 W Flagler Street Coral Gables FL (305) 400-9886Acquire prompt pet vaccinations from a caring vet in Coral Gables, FL by placing a call to (305) 400-9886 today. Miami Animal Hospital is an advanced pet treatment facility and is fully equipped to provide your pet with the best veterinary care. We offer low cost pet vaccination packages and veterinary dentistry so you can be sure that your pet is happy and healthy all year round.

Animals can develop illnesses that require prompt and professional care from a skilled Coral Gables vet. Our board-certified veterinarians are experienced in a wide range of pet illnesses and can provide outstanding care for your furry family member. We offer advanced animal surgery whether your pet requires advanced care for major illnesses or spaying and neutering services.

Do you have a pet that always love to explore the neighborhood? Instead of searching all over town when your pet has wondered off, connect with our animal hospital for pet microchipping. We offer all the services you need to keep your pet safe and secure including animal flea control to protect them from harmful pests.

Ensure your family pet obtains the finest care available by connecting with a qualified vet in Coral Gables, FL. Place a call to (305) 400-9886 to schedule your pet exam with Miami Animal Hospital. Call today to schedule your appointment and have your pet treated to the finest veterinary care.

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Vet in Coral Gables, FL
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