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Physical Therapy 9 Pond Lane Concord MA 01742 (978) 341-4919Instead of living with physical limitations, obtain restorative physical therapy in Concord, MA by making a connection with NovaCare Rehabilitation today. Simply dial (978) 341-4919 to engage in specialized occupational rehabilitation programs provided by an experienced team of knowledgeable physical therapists. Our team understands how to maximize functionality and promote well-being for patients requiring chronic pain management throughout the physical rehabilitation process.
It can become very difficult living within the confines of an ailment or disability that prevents you from engaging in activities of daily life. Improve your quality of life by obtaining occupational therapy from our skilled Concord physical therapy experts. Our physical therapists develop individualized treatment plans to help promote proper healing, which may include manual therapy to reduce pain and increase blood flow.
Pain and muscle weakness may serve as a barrier to a quick recovery unless you take the time to engage in physical rehabilitation. Our therapeutic exercise programs are created to provide all of our patients with positive and progressive healing whether you require neurological rehabilitation or post-surgical therapy. From advanced sports medicine training to TMJ dysfunction therapy, we are capable of providing outstanding wellness care.
When you want the most positive outcome from your TMJ dysfunction therapy, consider taking on the services at our reliable physical rehabilitation facility. Take charge of your recovery and health by contacting NovaCare Rehabilitation at (978) 341-4919 for personalized physical therapy in Concord, MA. Call today to set up your appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Concord, MA
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