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Vet 454 Lazelle Road Columbus OH (614) 987-8159Have you been looking for a quality, compassionate vet in Columbus, OH?Well look no more and call Lifetime Pet Wellness Center at (614) 987-8159. Through Holistic veterinary medicine, we offer a caring integrative approach for your pet. In addition to traditional care, there are many different styles of medicine such as animal homeopathy which we can use to improve your pet's health and quality of life.

Our veterinarians pride themselves in offering a more rounded approach when it comes to your pet's care. You will not find a better selection of care as you do with our Columbus vet. At our veterinary clinic, we strive to work within your beliefs by providing non-traditional alternatives at low costs. We also believe that there may be times when conventional care has no further answers for your pet's specific problems. From simple pet nutrition counseling to veterinary chiropractic care, we are dedicated to providing long-term corrections to many medical conditions. We go above and beyond most traditional animal hospitals; ensuring your little loved one receives the best possible care.

The next time you need an experienced vet in Columbus, OH, simply contact Lifetime Pet Wellness Center at (614) 987-8159. Our experienced professionals and welcoming support team are here to care for your pet like no other facility will. Your pet deserves the best and that is exactly what we give them, call now.

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Vet in Columbus, OH
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