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You will find a podiatrist in Columbus, OH to help with foot pain by dialing (614) 707-5385.  Dr. Bhatia and Dr. Newby of Columbus Podiatry & Surgery are dedicated to providing the best in family foot care.  We offer podiatric surgery to remove a wide range of podiatric deformities along with non-surgical care of injuries and disorders of the feet and ankles.  Call today to schedule your first appointment.

Playing any type of sport involves the risk of injury to your feet and ankles.  If you are injured and require podiatric sports therapy it helps to call an experienced Columbus podiatrist able to offer the most advanced treatment options.  As podiatric orthopedics specialists, we are able to help with all types of foot or ankle injuries including providing foot orthotics for additional support while you heal.

We are dedicated to helping all our patients with their foot and ankle problems regardless of age.  This means you can get podiatric disorder treatments for diseases of the toenails and skin and get fitted with orthotics or diabetic shoes.  Do you regularly lose sensation in your feet?  Ask about all podiatric paralytic treatment options by calling us now.

The right call to make for a podiatrist in Columbus, OH is to Columbus Podiatry & Surgery.  No matter what problems you are experiencing, our foot doctors can help you find pain relief.  A call to (614) 707-5385 will take care of your foot and ankle problems.

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Podiatrist in Columbus, OH
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