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Puppy Training Classes 2507 Ashbury Road Columbus OH 43231 (614) 452-4456Ohio State K-9 College, available at  (614) 452-4456, offers the highest quality, humane dog training services in Columbus, OH. Unlike pet stores or breed clubs that only offers the basic five command obedience training course, we are the only full service dog training school that offers over 30 different training courses: basic obedience, intermediate obedience, advanced obedience, TOTAL CONTROL obedience, behavior, housebreaking, personal protection, guard, attack, defiance, poison control, and custom dog training courses. Our courses meet the demands of nearly every dog owners' needs. We are specialists in working with Shepherds, Doberman, Rottweiler and Boxer, but we also train other purebreds, mixed breeds and specialize in OFF-LEASH & in-home training.

Ohio State K9 College Columbus Dog Training is the only school that has a state of the art system: One-On-One style combined with 100% Voice Control method and implemented by the experience of our Master Trainer for spectacular results. When these 3 components are combined, it creates our state of the art system. It is the most effective system for teaching everything from basic commands to advanced training. By custom tailoring the dog training classes to fit the owners and dog's needs, our Master Trainer can achieve truly unbelievable results. Once you have compared the huge quality differences between all dog training schools in Columbus, OH, you will understand why all our students desire immediate enrollment at our school.

Unlike other Columbus dog trainers, all work at The Ohio State K-9 College is performed not just by an expert dog trainer, but by a Master Trainer, who is exceptionally qualified and highly experienced at teaching dog owners how to handle and care for their dogs properly. Our students receive the "gold standard" of training in the dog training industry. With one-on-one puppy training classes, dog owners will attain the best results possible, so their family pet can become the loving, obedient family member they desire. Our Columbus dog obedience school provides you and your dogs with the best dog obedience training in the industry.

Our Master Trainer's 30+ years of experience will enable each dog owner to reach their full potential with adult or puppy training. When considering dog obedience trainers in Columbus, Ohio, rest assure that your dog will receive the humane training you both need and deserve from our school. If you need assistance training a puppy or an adult dog and want the best results possible, then call Ohio State K-9 College at (614) 452-4456!

(The paragraphs above are simply a brief description of some of the important services we provide to help our students train their K-9's). For a detailed description of how we train dogs and dog owners to reach the pinnacle of perfection, read our entire website at and pay special attention to our students' testimonials.

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Dog Trainer in Columbus, OH
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