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Tutor 130 Forum Dr. Suite 9 Columbia SC 29229 (209) 245-8142Who do you think of first when you are searching for a tutor in Columbia, SC? The Sylvan Learning Center has been available at (209) 245-8142 for the past three decades, providing affordable and unsurpassed tutoring services to those looking to unlock their true scholastic potential.

When you are looking for a tutoring center, you are more than likely looking at the overall picture. Sylvan provides a private tutoring environment, complete from history to English. We have a reading tutor that understands the symbolism and meaning behind such great works as The Canterbury Tales and Great Expectations. The ultimate goal of our GED tutor is to help you unlock the tools to successful study and increase the amount of information you can retain.

The Sylvan Learning Center also has a great test prep system for high school students getting ready to take their college entrance exams. With SAT prep and ACT prep training programs that involve practice tests, it is no wonder why our students that take advantage of our tutor in Columbia, SC, tend to have high scores than those that did not prepare. Contact a math tutor today at (209) 245-8142 and get back on the right path to academic excellence.

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Tutor in Columbia, SC
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