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Chiropractor 8600 Snowden River Parkway # 101 Columbia MD (410) 921-9891To reach a talented chiropractor in Columbia, MD, all you have to do is dial (410) 921-9891 for Dabbs Rehab Center | Columbia Medical Sport & Spine. Why let things like pinched nerves bother you when we can put an end to the problem using chiropractic adjustments? Our company offers effective and compassionate wellness care, so be sure to see us if you want to enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Vertebral subluxations occur when one or more vertebra is misaligned and puts pressure on the surrounding nerves. This condition can lead to more serious health problems as nerve impulse interference starts to affect the way your body functions. That is why it is important to visit a local Columbia chiropractor to see if you have subluxations and what can be done about them. We offer non-surgical treatments for bulging discs like spinal decompression therapy, which is used to relieve pressure along the spinal column. You can also see us for chiropractic laser therapy, which involves using lasers to reduce joint inflammation.

Remember that the experts at Dabbs Rehab Center | Columbia Medical Sport & Spine can be reached at (410) 921-9891 when you want to contact a chiropractor in Columbia, MD. Let us correct spinal misalignments so that you can stop living with pain and stiffness in your back, shoulders, neck and legs. For more information about our chiropractic techniques, pick up the phone and give us a call.

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Chiropractor in Columbia, MD
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