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Vehicle Donation Columbia MD (301) 328-1093The way to make a car donation in Columbia, MD is to call (301) 328-1093 for America's Car Donation Center. Our "Donate Car to Charity" program is convenient and rewarding, giving you the option to donate your car to the group that you feel most passionate about supporting. Contact us today to find out how you can get rid of unwanted cars for charity and increase your tax deductions at the same time.

Our Columbia car donation system was established in 1992, and since then we have helped over 2,000 non-profit organizations. With a two-minute phone call, you can get the ball rolling on vehicle donation, which saves you the trouble of finding a buyer or trading it in. In addition to supporting a worthy cause, an auto donation is tax-deductible.

car donation, americas car donation centerThrough the years, over one million auto donations have supported various charities across America, including Cancer Research Institute and the Humane Society. You will feel great about helping a wonderful cause and also receive a free travel gift when you choose to donate a car. So whether you have a new or used car donation, give us a call to find out more about our program.

When you are looking to make a car donation in Columbia, MD, the answer is to dial (301) 328-1093 for America's Car Donation Center. Your gift goes directly to the charity of your choice and you will receive a donation receipt when we come to pick it up. Get the process started by calling today.

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Car Donation in Columbia, MD