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Physical Therapy 6100 Day Long Lane Clarksville MD 21029 (443) 292-2668Take advantage of physical therapy in Clarksville, MD to relieve those everyday pains by dialing (443) 292-2668.  At Physiotherapy Associates we have a team of specialists dedicated to helping you find relief from everyday bone, joint, or muscle pain.  We can provide orthopedic care along with different manual therapies to relieve pain all over the body.
A severe sports injury, such as an ACL tear, will most likely require surgery and extensive time to rehabilitate the knee joint.  After the procedure you should think about calling Clarksville physical therapy specialists that can offer personalized postsurgical rehab to aid you in getting back on your feet with less risk of re-injury.  Call our sports medicine clinic to find a sports injury specialist to treat this and more.
We want to be the first and only physical therapists you call if you want to find relief from musculoskeletal pains of any cause.  This means we can provide TMJ dysfunction treatments to lessen lower jaw pain, along with complete neuro rehabilitation for anyone with a brain injury.  If you are in pain due to injury or a chronic condition, call us to find relief today.
Choosing where you call for physical therapy in Clarksville, MD is not all that difficult.  Physiotherapy Associates is here to help alleviate body aches and pains.  Call us at (443) 292-2668 for an appointment with a physical therapist today.

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Physical Therapy in Clarksville, MD
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