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Orthopedic Care 32 South Main Street Clarkston MI 48346 (248) 795-5991If you suffer from neck or back pain, get physical therapy in Clarkston, MI from HealthQuest Physical Therapy. A quick call to (248) 795-5991 will provide you with a convenient appointment to begin treatment for relief from your pain and symptoms. Our office specializes in cutting-edge orthopedic care, with an experienced staff and a facility equipped with the latest technology.

Using hands-on manual therapy and a custom-designed exercise therapy, we can help your body recover from its surgery, accident or neurological disorder. We offer reliable sports injury therapy utilizing the latest in sports medicine to get you back into your game. Our physical therapists share in their dedication to your improved health and pain-free lifestyle.

Contact our therapy clinic when you or your elderly loved one requires geriatric rehab. We specialize in treatment for age-related medical problems, including help with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, back pain and much more. If you have been injured while at work, returning to the job is important to you and your employer. Our work injury rehab can help restore your body to pre-accident condition and get you back to work.

Whatever your physical ailments, for reliable physical therapy in Clarkston, MI, contact HealthQuest Physical Therapy. Call (248) 795-5991for our speedy appointment, thorough exam and reliable treatment techniques. Contact our center today.

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Physical Therapy in Clarkston, MI
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