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Physical Therapy 107 Schoolcrest Avenue Clare MI 48617 (989) 418-3298Evergreen Physical Therapy in Clare, MI aids athletes through the injury recovery process.  Dial (989) 418-3298 to reach a team of sports medicine specialists able to offer a treatment plan personalized to your specific sports injury rehab needs.  Are you looking to get in shape before next season?  We offer physical fitness programs that include sport conditioning. Give us a call to schedule a session today.

Dealing with chronic pain, especially nerve pain, is often very difficult, especially on days when the symptoms flare up.  What you should do to find relief from such painful conditions is visit a Clare physical therapy clinic that offers sciatica treatments and other care options. A quick call here will help you with chronic pain management when you suffer from sciatica, chronic headaches, arthritis and more.

We want to be the first and only PT center you call to find physical therapists for any reason. Our team will help you through sports or work injury rehab programs where you’ll slowly and safely regain strength to avoid re-injury or provide vestibular rehabilitation and other imbalance therapies. Did you recently have a knee or hip joint replaced?  Call and schedule postsurgical rehabilitation with our therapists today.

Make the right call for physical therapy in Clare, MI by dialing our number below.  Evergreen Physical Therapy will aid you in managing pain of chronic conditions or injuries. Call us at (989) 418-3298 and let us provide the physical therapies you need now.

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Physical Therapy in Clare, MI
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