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East Hills Animal Clinic 12022 SE Sunnyside Road Clackamas OR (503) 395-4126Locating a canine and feline vet in Clackamas, OR is easy if you dial (503) 395-4126.  At East Hills Animal Clinic, Dr. Todd McNabb and Dr. Bob Lambert are dedicated to offering the best in companion animal care for dogs and cats of any age or breed.  From pet vaccinations for puppies and kittens to veterinary house calls to provide senior pet wellness care, we are the hospital to call now.

Cats love to sharpen their claws on just about everything in your house, including those expensive-to-replace drapes and furniture.  To prevent this damage in your home, consider finding veterinarians that offer declawing surgery. One call to our Clackamas vet will take care of this and many other elective veterinary surgery procedures.

Dr. McNabb and Dr. Lambert have more than four decades of combined experience dealing with many feline and canine illnesses and injuries.  You can call for preventative veterinary dentistry cleanings to avoid oral health problems as well as get the most advanced animal flea control products for dogs and cats of any weight.  Want to know where to find your pet at all times?  Ask about animal microchipping with one call here.

The only call you want to make for a vet in Clackamas, OR is to East Hills Animal Clinic.  Doctors McNabb and Lambert will help your pets live long, healthy lives when you dial (503) 395-4126 to schedule an appointment.  Call right now.

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Vet in Clackamas, OR
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