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If you are looking for a podiatrist in Chicago, IL to treat a painful hammertoe condition, look to Jondelle B Jenkins & Associates to provide lasting relief. By dialing (773) 245-1913 you will be treated to personalized podiatric care including customized foot orthotics to counteract the symptoms of conditions such as flat feet. We believe our patients deserve the right information to make good choices about their foot and ankle care, so such disorders as bunions and flat feet can be treated properly.

Are you suffering from bunions or heel and ankle pain? Whatever podiatric deformities you may be suffering with, our Chicago podiatrist will work hard to diagnose and treat your condition to ensure greater comfort and relief. Our friendly and qualified staff will work with you to educate you on your current condition whether you are diagnosed with flat feet or ankle instability. Common diabetic foot conditions can benefit greatly from diabetic shoes or customized foot orthotics and may not require surgical intervention. Should your foot abnormality require surgical care, we can walk you through the recovery process for crush injuries and ankle sprains.

Instead of living with consistent foot pain, take the time to consider a better approach toward improving your condition. Reach out to Jondelle B Jenkins & Associates by dialing (773) 245-1913 right away to learn how our podiatrist in Chicago, IL can help relieve the symptoms of ankle instability. Call now to schedule your free foot consultation and discover a better means of treating podiatric deformities.

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Podiatrist in Chicago, IL
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