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SSM Physical Therapy 17701 Edison Avenue Chesterfield MO (636) 590-4967Is obtaining post-injury physical therapy in Chesterfield, MO one of your top priorities? Look no further than SSM Physical Therapy at (636) 590-4967 for patient focused sports medicine and physical rehabilitation services. Our dedicated physical therapists utilize manual therapy and proven treatment techniques to facilitate proper healing throughout your recovery.

When you require workers compensation rehab to remedy the effects of an injury, consult with our experienced team for progressive Chesterfield physical therapy. We offer programs to restore the balance and coordination required to complete work activities prior to returning to preinjury duties. Our work conditioning process incorporates safe work habit education to eliminate many issues that may result in re-injury.

One of the main aspects of orthopedic therapy is finding a treatment strategy that addresses your individual needs. Our certified strength and conditioning specialists will walk you through the steps of physical rehabilitation including teaching therapeutic exercise techniques for balanced post injury healing. Our treatment programs are geared toward improving both strength and physical endurance as well as delivering dependable acute pain control.

Begin living your life to the fullest instead of being limited by painful sports injuries by placing a call to (636) 590-4967 for professional physical therapists. SSM Physical Therapy is a logical source for cutting edge physical therapy in Chesterfield, MO when you are committed to lifelong improvements from quality physical rehabilitation. Make the right connection by contacting our office today.

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Physical Therapy in Chesterfield, MO
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