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Physical Therapy 8220 University Executive Park Drive Charlotte NC 28262 (704) 594-7228Do you need physical therapy in Charlotte, NC to rehabilitate from an on-the-job injury?  Then dial (704) 594-7228 to reach Select Physical Therapy for a personalized, comprehensive plan to get you back on your feet.  Our physical therapists will create a treatment plan focusing on individualized rehab services that include injury care, return-to-work conditioning and much more.  Call to see one of our work injury specialists now.
Chronic pains and other physical health problems can limit the way you live your life.  To deal with such health concerns you should think about calling a Charlotte physical therapy center that can provide relief from chronic pain and more.  We offer TMJ dysfunction treatments for jaw pain relief, vestibular rehabilitation to treat vertigo, and care for many other day-to-day health issues.
Our goal is to help each individual patient heal from injury while managing the aches and pains of healing.  We can offer occupational therapy programs including hand therapy for office workers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome along with sports medicine therapies when you sprain an ankle.  Do you want to maintain a level of physical health among your employees?  Call us about physical fitness screenings for current staff or potential hires today.
Your best choice for physical therapy in Charlotte, NC is to call us at the number below.  Select Physical Therapy will get you up and moving again as quickly as safely possible.  Call (704) 594-7228 when you want outstanding PT care.

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Physical Therapy in Charlotte, NC
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