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Vehicle Donation Chandler AZ (480) 389-2445Looking to donate a car? Look no further — car donation in Chandler, AZ is made easy by calling (480) 389-2445. Here at America's Car Donation Center, we have simplified the process of vehicle donation. We will have your auto donation picked up the next day for free, 7 days a week.

Since 1992, we have been the most trusted choice for Chandler car donation. Donate a car to charity to maximize your tax deduction and help one of thousands of non-profit organizations. Choose "donate car" and get the maximum tax deduction allowed by law. All of our charities are verified with the IRS as non-profit organizations.

car donation, americas car donation centerDonating cars not only helps organizations like the Cancer Research Institute further their mission, but makes you feel great knowing you can help make a difference. We have taken over one million vehicles, making us the biggest car donation center in America. Donate your car with confidence when you call us. We accept not only cars, but trucks, boats, trailers, RVs motorcycles and other vehicles as well.

With all that knowledge in your corner, car donation in Chandler, AZ is best done through America's Car Donation Center. Just dial (480) 389-2445 and we will send a professional, licensed, bonded and insured towing company to pick up your vehicle. So donate your vehicle today; let it make a difference in someone's life, not just a difference in how cluttered your yard looks.

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Car Donation in Chandler, AZ