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Physical Therapy 202 Coursevall Drive Centreville MD 21617 (410) 449-5186Bayside PT and Sports Rehabilitation offers physical therapy in Centreville, MD to help athletes recover from any injury.  Dialing (410) 449-5186 puts you in touch with sports injury specialists ready to offer one-on-one therapy for sprains, strains and more severe injuries.  Just call our sports medicine clinic and we’ll do everything possible to get you back in the game.
Rehabilitating an injury often requires the use of orthotics devices to provide additional support while your body heals.  If you need such devices during your sports injury rehabilitation, it helps if you work with Centreville physical therapy clinics that can custom-make what you require.  Our physical therapists can fabricate custom foot and other orthotic devices to aid in your injury rehab.
No matter why you’re hurting, you can count on our therapists to provide a holistic treatment that will reduce or even eliminate the pain.  We offer orthopedic care to treat knee, ankle, or shoulder joint injuries, along with geriatric physical therapy to help with those everyday aches and pains.  Were you involved in an accident where you severely hurt your back?  We provide neuro rehabilitation programs for spinal injury and more.
The one and only call to make for physical therapy in Centreville, MD is to Bayside PT and Sports Rehabilitation.  We have a team of PT specialists ready to help you with many pain-causing health problems.  A call to (410) 449-5186 will get you the therapeutic care you need today.

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Physical Therapy in Centreville, MD
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