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Casa Grande Animal Hospital 1645 N Pinal Avenue Casa Grande AZ (520) 350-7220As you seek a full service vet in Casa Grande, AZ, give a call to Casa Grande Animal Hospital at (520) 350-7220. We strive to offer not only sound advice and optimal veterinary care allowing you to enjoy your companion for the maximum number of years.

Our Casa Grande veterinarians take care of your pets as if they were our own, treating them with preventative, medical and dental care. We offer to patients animal microchipping, ensuring that you have a way to find your pet in case the two of you some how become separated.

Preventative measures are important to keeping your pet healthy throughout their life. Our animal flea control programs are designed to fit your pets' needs and unique lifestyle, so that you and your pet can enjoy pest free days. If you have a lovable feline in your home, maybe you have considered declawing them if they like to scratch up your furniture, which we can provide to our patients if they cannot learn to stop using their claws.

In your search for a vet in Casa Grande, AZ, contact Casa Grande Animal Hospital today at (520) 350-7220. Our job isn't just to treat a pet when it isn't feeling well, but it is also to help you to learn how to keep your best friend healthy and happy.

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Vet in Casa Grande, AZ
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