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Vet 124 S. Morningside Drive Cartersville, GA 30121 (770) 464-6840Talking to a friendly vet in Cartersville, GA is as easy as dialing the number (770) 464-6840 to reach Bartow Animal Hospital. Whenever your animal is due for a wellness checkup, our veterinarians will be happy to take a look at them. We even offer emergency veterinary care for pets who need immediate treatment.

Since 1982 we have been helping local pet owners by offering a full range of animal health care services. You can trust a Cartersville vet from our business to administer pet vaccinations that your animal needs to prevent certain fatal diseases. We also offer pet dental care treatments like teeth cleanings and can take care of veterinary surgery as well.

If you are looking for loss prevention options for your pet, we offer animal microchipping. This involves implanting a tiny microchip in your pet that can be tracked and used as a form of digital identification. Along with assisting with dogs and cats, we are also a small animal vet who will see rabbits, ferrets and more.

Make sure you reach a knowledgeable vet in Cartersville, GA by calling (770) 464-6840 for Bartow Animal Hospital whenever your pet is sick or injured. From annual pet health exams to advanced treatments for cancer and other diseases, we offer a variety of services. Give us a call to receive more information about our animal hospital.

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Vet in Cartersville, GA
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