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Orthopedic Care 42456 Cherry Hill Road Canton MI 48187 (734) 386-1681Recuperate faster with our qualified physical therapy in Canton, MI. Theracare Rehab at (734) 386-1681 offers a team of physical therapists who offer a customized program of therapeutic rehabilitation. Specializing in pre- and post-surgery treatments, we employ the rehabilitative techniques that can help you regain a healthy and more vigorous body.

Our Canton physical therapy team is composed of trained therapists who have the experience and skills to help you recover your neuromusculoskeletal function following an illness, injury or surgery. We offer upper and lower body work, including qualified hand therapy to help you return to normal activities. If you have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery, our prosthetic therapy can help you minimize the pain and regain normal mobility.

Our firm specializes in treatments for relief from pain and accelerated recovery times for sports injuries, peripheral nerve injuries and auto accident injuries. Call us for your workers compensation rehabilitation treatments. If you deal with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive motion disorder, we may be able to bring the relief you deserve. We offer orthopedic care and relief from acute or chronic pain. Let us help restore pain-free movement for you.

When seeking quality physical therapy in Canton, MI, make Theracare Rehab your first contact. Dial (734) 386-1681 for a convenient appointment with our therapist. We offer a customized rehabilitation program to address your physical needs. Call now.

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Physical Therapy in Canton, MI
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