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Vet 60 Lovely Street Canton, CT 06019 (860) 310-1192 Do you need a vet in Canton, OH that cares for animals young or old?  Dialing (860) 310-1192 will put you in touch with Roaring Brook Veterinary Hospital, a full service pet care clinic able to help puppies, kittens and older pets too.  Whether you’re looking for new pet vaccinations against common ailments or require geriatric pet care for an old friend ours is the number you want to dial first.

When animals go into heat their first instinct is to find a mate, even if that means running away from home.  To prevent this from occurring you should take them to a Canton vet that provides veterinary surgery to spay or neuter animals.  Our veterinarians offer this surgery along with animal microchipping implants to locate lost pets more easily.

We can help to keep your pets health throughout their lives.  Our doctors provide regular pet health exams to catch anything serious early along with veterinary dental care to guard against periodontal disease in dogs or cats.  Are you more of an avian pet lover?  A call here gets you the services of an experienced bird vet.

The easiest way to find your pet a great vet in Canton, CT is to call us at Roaring Brook Veterinary Hospital.  No matter what care your pets require we provide it.  A call to (860) 310-1192 will get you in touch with our pet care clinic today.

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Vet in Canton, CT
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