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Battier's Veterinary Clinic 3639 Las Posas Road Camarillo CA (805) 622-0740For a caring vet in Camarillo, CA, call (805) 622-0740. The pros at Battier’s Veterinary Clinic are enthusiastic about helping your pet to live the healthiest and happiest life possible. Bring your cat or dog to our animal hospital for basic procedures such as animal dentistry as well as more complicated diagnoses and advanced care.

Meeting a new Camarillo vet for your beloved animal can be a stressful experience, but our experienced veterinary professionals will make the adjustment as easy as possible. Bring your pet to us for basic wellness checks and pet vaccinations to keep his or her file up to date. Common procedures such as spaying and neutering as well as protecting against fleas and ticks are common services we provide.

Diagnostic services, including a variety of pet health screening procedures, can aid in catching animal health problems as early as possible. Not only can we perform pet radiology, but we can also screen for issues such as hip dysplasia and kidney problems in your pet. You can also arrange to have pet surgery services for soft tissue issues done through our office.

Call a reliable vet in Camarillo, CA at (805) 622-0740 today. Battier’s Veterinary Clinic is full of caring vets and veterinary technicians who are ready to show your pet care and affection. Call today to arrange a wellness check.

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Vet in Camarillo, CA
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