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Chiropractor Caldwell ID (208) 944-2570Schedule an appointment with an experienced chiropractor in Caldwell, ID to find relief from muscle pain. Call Edwards Chiropractic Office at (208) 944-2570 today. We are a clinic dedicated to helping our patients alleviate headaches and other issues. From back pain relief to osteoarthritis treatments, we want to help you live a better life free of physical distress.

Allergy season is something that many of us dread each and every year. One idea to consider is undergoing laser allergy treatment, which could provide a permanent solution to all the symptoms you suffer from. The Caldwell chiropractor to call for this and other laser treatments is right here.

No matter how severe your pain, we make it our goal to provide you with fast, long lasting relief without use of medications. We offer hands on massage treatments to loosen up tight muscles that are causing you pain along with spinal decompression for treatment of back and neck pain. Dr. Edwards and his staff will even provide nutritional counseling to help you stay healthy after you're treated.

You will find an excellent chiropractor in Caldwell, ID by calling Edwards Chiropractic Office. We are here to help you lessen or even eliminate musculoskeletal pain regardless of the cause. Dial (208) 944-2570 to explore all treatment options we offer today.

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Chiropractor in Caldwell, ID