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Orthopedic Care 23 Cambridge Street Burlington MA 01803 (781) 606-0942Choose Performance Lifestyle Physical Therapy in Burlington, MA if you want exceptional orthopedic care. By dialing (781) 606-0942, you will have access to therapists able to handle any pain throughout your body. From arthritis treatments for your aching hands to helping with sprained ankles, our goal is your complete and fast recovery.

After a major surgery to repair muscle and ligament damage, you will need to get someone for post surgery rehab. Newly repaired muscles and other tissues will not be able to handle the level of stress or weight you are used to until you regain proper strength in them. Our physical therapists will build a unique surgery rehab plan around your healing rate and physical goals.

Whether you need help with sports medicine therapies or have been ordered to workers comp rehab by your insurance carrier, our goal is to motivate you toward successful physical rehabilitation. For those who have undergone joint or even limb replacements, we provide a wide range of orthotics as well as prosthetic therapy to help you learn how to use your new devices.

There is no better time than now to contact Performance Lifestyles Physical Therapy in Burlington, MA. Our entire staff is dedicated to offering you all the help you require to make your rehabilitation and recovery go smoothly. We welcome your call today at (781) 606-0942 to answer your questions and to schedule your evaluation.

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Physical Therapy in Burlington, MA
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