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Lightner Chiropractic Burlway Road, Suite 166 Burlingame CA (650) 241-0231Get natural pain relief from a chiropractor in Burlingame, CA by calling Lightner Chiropractic at (650) 241-0231.  Dr. Thomas Lightner offers a wide array of treatment options to correct the physical problems causing your pain at the source.  Whether you suffer from neck pain caused in an auto accident or require help with chronic pains you can find relief by making an appointment here.

Herniated vertebral discs will cause severe back pain and may even prevent you from walking.  If you’re experiencing intense pains in your back you will want to schedule an appointment with a Burlingame chiropractor specializing in disc herniation treatment options.  We take pride in offering advanced care for all types of spinal problems.

Our goal is to help each patient live their lives free of pain regardless of where it is in the body.  You can get relief from back problems through decompression therapy that reduces spinal stress or take advantage of natural chiropractic treatment for injuries sustained playing sports or from an accident.  Are you having problems with sore joints?  Ask about chiropractic traction therapy by calling our office today.

Your search for a chiropractor in Burlingame, CA can end quickly with a call to Lightner Chiropractic.  Dr. Thomas Lightner is dedicated to offering advanced chiropractic care to help his patients reduce or eliminate pain.  Dial (650) 241-0231 and schedule your first appointment now.

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Chiropractor in Burlingame, CA
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