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Animal Boarding 13725 W Burleigh Road Brookfield WI 53005 (262) 207-4533If your sick pet needs a vet in Brookfield, WI, call on Burleigh Road Animal Hospital at (262) 207-4533 for the veterinarians of choice to handle all your pet's needs. From simple animal flea control and grooming to caring for your pets while you are away, there is no better place to trust with the health of your animal friends.

We can provide your pets with a wide variety of services such as declawing and tick removal to keep him or her happy and healthy. We can perform animal microchipping procedures, which acts as a tag that can help keep track of lost animals. For even the smallest of pets like gerbils and some lizards, as a small animal vet, we understand the care these tiny critters need, and we have the means to work with them.

Show your pet the same care and devotion that we are sure he or she shows to you. If you are going to be away from home and need someone to look after your dog, our animal boarding and daycare service is just what you have been looking for.

So when you require a vet in Brookfield, WI just place a call to Burleigh Road Animal Hospital at (262) 207-4533 and let our staff of caring professionals treat your family pet right. When you call, ask about our holistic veterinary medicine which is an all natural system, sometimes preferred over standard pharmaceuticals. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for your animal friend today.

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Vet in Brookfield, WI
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