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Tutor 3132 E Tremont Ave Bronx NY 10461 (510) 992-4651Take kids to the right tutor in Bronx, NY with a call to Sylvan Learning Center at (510) 992-4651.  We will provide kids with individualized programs and private tutoring to improve where they’re having problems while encouraging their strengths.  From aiding high school students with SAT prep to providing adults with a certified GED tutor, here is where anyone wanting to be tutored should call.

Many students of all ages learn easily in class but freeze the second a test is put in front of them.  Issues like this can best be rectified by calling a Bronx tutor offering help with improving test prep and study skills.  Whether you want help with ACT prep or tutoring services to improve study skills we are here to help you.

Calling here puts you in touch with a leading tutoring center dedicated to seeing kids of all ages do better in their schooling.  We can provide a reading tutor to aid kids with comprehension problems or offer help from a math tutor in algebra and other advanced coursework.  All you have to do is pick up the phone to reach our tutoring center for the learning help your children require.

The first and last call you’ll make for a tutor in Bronx, NY is to Sylvan Learning Center.  We provide those needing assistance in math, ways to improve study skills and much more.  Calling (510) 992-4651 puts you in touch with certified tutors now.

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Tutor in Bronx, NY
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