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Back Pain 3233 Westchester Avenue Bronx NY 10461 (718) 839-6316 When searching for a quality chiropractor in the Bronx, NY dial (718) 839-6316. Contacting Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center of Pelham Bay will be the wise choice in getting the help you need. Call our office to get on the schedule for a thorough examination by our doctor.

Do not accept the strain of nagging neck pain on your quality of life. With the expertise of the Bronx chiropractor that has the experience your condition needs, you can expect gains in function. This is where our practice excels in pain treatment for fibromyalgia or sciatica to help you.

When you have struggled with acute back pain or disability from a slow healing injury, you will appreciate our gentle but effective methods. Getting you back in action is our dedicated goal, using spinal decompression when necessary to stretch your spine back out to its original condition. Many back problems are due to the flattening of discs, so by moving vertebrae apart you can feel better quickly.

When chiropractic treatment will make a difference, our chiropractor in the Bronx, NY is available to move your progress forward. Contact us at (718) 839-6316 to get Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center of Pelham Bay working for you. Ensure that your tomorrow will be better than yesterday by taking advantage of our skilled doctors.

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Chiropractor in Bronx, NY
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