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Podiatrist 314 Clock Tower Commons Brewster NY (845) 259-1169When searching for an excellent podiatrist in Brewster, NY, call Brewster Footcare Group at (845) 259-1169. We specialize in treating foot disorders of all kinds, from bunion treatment to podiatric deformities. If there is any kind of damage to the bones in the feet, our podiatric orthopedics will detect it and develop a treatment to correct it.

Foot pain can stem from many sources, and often times our Brewster podiatrist can address the problem with personalized foot orthotics. These inserts can be placed in just about any shoe you already have and make standing and walking a much more comfortable experience for you. If you are coping with diabetes, we can fit you with comfortable and supportive diabetic shoes or provide the proper treatment for those in need.

If you are an athlete, you know how important podiatric sports therapy can be, particularly if you have experienced an injury. Come see our expert foot doctor to address your problem or pain, and if it is determined you need podiatric surgery, we can assist with that procedure. Although surgery is usually the last resort, it can help resolve persistent pain issues. Our goal is to provide caring service to those in need of podiatric disorder treatment regardless of the severity or condition. When seeking a caring, professional podiatrist in Brewster, NY, call Brewster Footcare Group at (845) 259-1169.

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Podiatrist in Brewster, NY
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