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Vet 3900 Rhode Island Avenue Brentwood MD 20722 (301) 683-8150Get in touch with a vet in Brentwood, MD offering alternative treatments by dialing (301) 683-8150.  At Brentwood Animal Hospital we have a team of veterinarians and the latest veterinary care technologies to provide whatever medical, dental, and surgical services your animals require.  Do you have a pet in constant pain?  We offer veterinary laser therapy to provide relief without harmful side-effects.
Anyone with an animal they love will want them to remain healthy for a long while.  To keep the pet you love in good health, you should call a Brentwood vet to schedule pet health checkups at least once per year.  We will provide checkups that include medical screenings, veterinary dental care, and other preventative services.
We are ready to do all that is possible to help your animals through illness or injury.  We offer veterinary surgery using safe anesthetics with advanced veterinary care, including EKG monitoring, during all procedures.  Are you looking for the best in flea or tick control medications and shampoos?  Call our pet pharmacy to find everything your pet needs to stay free of fleas, ticks, and other parasites.
Brentwood Animal Hospital is where to call for a vet in Brentwood, MD.  We care for dogs, cats, and many other household pets, offering medical care, animal microchipping, and so much more.  A simple call to (301) 683-8150 will get your pets in to see our vets.

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Vet in Brentwood, MD
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