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Vet 1011 Route 202 N Branchburg NJ (908) 698-4431Get in touch with a full service vet in Branchburg, NJ by calling All Pets Vet Hospital.  Just dial (908) 698-4431 and you’ll reach a team of veterinarians ready to offer comprehensive pet wellness exams to find any health concerns for dogs, cats and many other animals.  Give us a call and we’ll take care of all your pet’s medical problems.

Preventing illness in your pets will help them to live happier, healthier and longer lives.  To ensure your dog or cat does not come down with anything serious, you’ll want to call a Branchburg vet able to offer pet immunizations and other preventative care services.  We provide vaccines, veterinary dental care to prevent oral problems and even veterinary dermatology care to stop mites or other skin parasites.

Our goal is to offer complete care for every pet in the household.  Dr. Morsy Alsamadisi and Dr. Cynthia Fede are able to provide animal eye care to deal with vision problems along with veterinary surgery to remove tumors or other growths.  Is your pet dealing with arthritis or other chronic pains?  Ask about veterinary laser therapy to relieve their pain without drugs.

The call you should make for a vet in Branchburg, NJ is to All Pets Vet Hospital.  We take care of all types of pets offering preventative, general and advanced veterinary care services.  Dialing (908) 698-4431 will get your pet in to see our vets.

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Vet in Branchburg, NJ
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