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Physical Therapy 6 Tiger Way Boonsboro MD 21713 (301) 799-2482At BodySense Physical Therapy in Boonsboro, MD, we focus on complete injury care.  Dial (301) 799-2482 to schedule a PT evaluation with one of our specialists to see which treatment options we provide will best fit your needs.  Whether you need a sports medicine specialist or help with on-the-job injuries, our physical therapists are ready to provide the care you deserve.
A severe knee or elbow injury may require you to wear a brace while you’re rehabilitating in order to recover fully.  If you’re hurt this severely, you should seek help from a Boonsboro physical therapy provider that can offer orthopedic care to treat the actual injury and orthotics therapy to help with any pain involved with using braces.  We offer injury rehab for all ages to help you recover quickly and safely.
Dr. Jason McElroy and master therapist Shannon Murphy utilize a variety of manual therapy techniques to aid your healing while reducing pain.  This allows us to offer care for injured adults or pediatric physical therapy to help kids going through growth problems.  Did you sustain a major brain injury?  Ask about our neuro rehabilitation programs by calling today.
The search for superior physical therapy in Boonsboro, MD will end with a call right here.  BodySense Physical Therapy therapists will offer individualized treatments plans to speed your safe recovery from injury.  Call (301) 799-2482 to schedule your first appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Boonsboro, MD
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