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Physical Therapy 1551 Jennings Mill Road Bogart GA 30622 (706) 363-0936Choose service-minded physiotherapists for quality physical therapy in Bogart, GA. Place a call to (706) 363-0936 for Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Centers. Our physical therapists are qualified to address your individual needs by developing an appropriate treatment plan using effective physical rehabilitation techniques. We strive to improve your ability to move fluidly while completing your daily activities, whether you require occupational therapy or practical sports medicine.

Are you in need of manual therapy to eliminate chronic musculoskeletal pain? Our Bogart physical therapy facility offers a goal-oriented, hands-on approach that can successfully reduce discomfort for disorders requiring acute pain management. We strive to restore your physical function after you have sustained an injury or help you regain your mobility through physical reconditioning.

Our physical rehabilitation programs are designed to build strength and endurance as well as enhance fine motor skills needed to lead an active lifestyle. Treatments may include manual manipulations of soft tissue along with advanced athletic training to get you back into peak condition. Our manual therapy techniques provide appropriate pain management so you concentrate on making a full recovery.

When you want to prevent loss of mobility through reliable wellness and fitness training, consult with the knowledgeable physical therapists of Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Centers. Make a call to (706) 363-0936 to acquire advanced physical therapy in Bogart, GA to begin leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. Give us a call today to schedule a physical assessment and learn more about the therapeutic exercise programs we offer.

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Physical Therapy in Bogart, GA
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