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Physical Therapy 11855 Ulysses Street Blaine MN 55434 (763) 220-2140Call NovaCare Rehabilitation at (763) 220-2140 for excellent physical therapy in Blaine, MN. Our therapeutic exercise regimens are custom created for you to improve flexibility, range of motion, and strength. No matter what area of your body is causing the issue, the physical therapist you work with in our clinic will find the program to get you back to your daily routine.
Manual therapy, which involves a therapist working directly with your muscle, joints, and bones, is highly effective when it comes to improving the functionality of your body. Our Blaine physical therapy clinic also employs advanced methods such as laser and aquatic therapy. We believe that a creative combination of therapies can bring about a safe and quick recovery for each patient.
Your daily life on the job might have you performing repetitive motions, whether you're typing in an office or working on a construction site. Our work conditioning programs keep your body up to the tasks you need to complete. These programs may include lessons from a therapist about ergonomics and injury prevention, or the application of hand therapy. Custom orthotics can also be fitted in our clinic to make daily movements easier.
Get in touch with us by dialing (763) 220-2140 today. NovaCare Rehabilitation seeks to provide the highest quality local physical therapy in Blaine, MN, and each of our therapists works hard to achieve that goal. Call now and ask about our sports medicine programs and other availably therapies.

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Physical Therapy in Blaine, MN
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