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Vet 50 County Road 43 Big Lake MN (763) 634-7477You’ll find a vet in Big Lake, MN to treat many types of pets by dialing (763) 634-7477.  Big Lake Area Veterinary Hospital has a team of veterinarians ready to offer medical, dental and surgical care for dogs, cats and many other types of pets in your home.  Do you have an older pet that is in pain?  Ask about our animal pain management programs to help your best friend find relief.

In order to avoid serious health problems with your family pet, you’ll want to schedule annual animal wellness  exams to check for any issues.  Before you make an appointment, you should first seek a Big Lake vet that will provide a comprehensive health checkup for your pet.  We can offer a complete exam including veterinary dental care, boosters to pet vaccinations and more.

You can count on our staff to provide the quality care a beloved animal deserves.  This includes veterinary surgery to spay or neuter an animal along with implanting animal microchipping to make it easy to locate lost pets.  Do you have one or more birds for pets?  We have a bird vet able to clip wings and handle a wide range of avian health concerns.

Where you call for a vet in Big Lake, MN is important.  The vets at Big Lake Area Veterinary Hospital are ready to care for all your family’s pets.  Give us a call at (763) 634-7477 when your pet needs quality veterinary care.

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Vet in Big Lake, MN
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