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VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital 42160 North Shore Drive Big Bear City CA (909) 878-7129When you need a vet in Big Bear City, CA, VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital is here for you. Call (909) 878-7129 to reach the caring professionals at our animal hospital and arrange an appointment for your cat, dog, or bird. We supply all sorts of veterinary needs from primary care to advanced animal disease treatments.

Get the most sophisticated animal care at our Big Bear City vet clinic for whatever is ailing your pet. We do pain management as well as treatments and surgeries for animal arthritis, diabetes, polyps, broken bones, and even pet allergies that can cause them to have skin rashes and itchy eyes. Our facility provides pet chemotherapy as well in case your beloved pet needs professional cancer treatments.

First and foremost, our veterinarian is focused on preventative care. Bring in your companion animal for a check-up and we often have deals on pet vaccination. We are happy to care for your pet at all stages of its life.

Call a professional vet in Big Bear City, CA at (909) 878-7129. VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital offers a range of emergency, preventative, and advanced care options to heal sick pets, ease the pain of suffering pets, and keep healthy pets as healthy as possible. Call today to make an appointment for a wellness check.

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Vet in Big Bear City, CA
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