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Bethany Animal Hospital 4312 N Council Road Bethany OK (405) 367-4934Are you searching for a vet in Bethany, OK to help with pet parasites?  One call to (405) 367-4934 will put you in touch with Bethany Animal Hospital, a leading provider of advanced pet parasite prevention medications for dogs, cats and other animals too.  At our fully stocked pet pharmacy, you’ll find control and prevention treatments for flea, ticks, mites, heartworms, tapeworms and other internal or external parasites.  Call us today.

Obesity is as serious a problem for animals as we humans.  If your dog or cat is getting way too fat, it may be time to speak with a Bethany vet that can offer help with pet weight management.  Contact our veterinarians about pet diet plans that include the right nutritional values for your animals.

Our goal is to take care of whatever is ailing your pet using only necessary treatments.  This means we can offer veterinary surgery to remove unnatural growths along with veterinary dental care and cleanings to prevent oral decay.  Are you looking for all needed pet vaccinations?  We offer vaccines against rabies, distemper, parvovirus and many other diseases.

Bethany Animal Hospital is where you’ll find a full service vet in Bethany, OK.  We offer preventative, general and advanced veterinary care to help dogs and cats of all ages live full lives.  Dial (405) 367-4934 and we’ll take care of your pet’s medical needs now.

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Vet in Bethany, OK
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