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Advanced Physical Therapy 28933 Woodward Avenue Berkley MI (248) 677-1997Advanced Physical Therapy in Berkley, MI will help you manage everyday aches and pains.  (248) 677-1997 is what you dial to reach therapists able to offer TMJ dysfunction treatments to relieve lower jaw pain, arthritis care and other chronic pain management solutions.  Dr. Maria Kinee-Gambone and Dr. Jeannette Wiater are ready to help patients of any age find relief from the pain you feel every day.  Call us now.

Any type of joint repair or replacement surgery will probably require some time to rehabilitate afterwards.  When the time comes for your rehab, you should seek help from Berkley physical therapy providers with an orthopedic care specialist on staff.  We can offer postsurgical rehabilitation to aid you in regaining strength in any surgically repaired or replaced joint.

Dr. Kinee-Gambone and Dr. Wiater have years of experience in sports medicine and other areas allowing them to provide outstanding care for every patients.  You can call us about workers comp rehab when you’re injured on the job or seek pediatric physical therapy to help children with any developmental difficulties.  Are you undergoing radiation and chemotherapies for cancer?  Ask our physical therapists about cancer treatment fatigue therapies by calling today.

The search for superior physical therapy in Berkley, MI will end with a call right here.  At Advanced Physical Therapy, you can trust that you’ll receive the best care to relieve the pain you’re experiencing.  Calling (248) 677-1997 puts you in touch with our doctors.

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Physical Therapy in Berkley, MI
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