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Tutor 2863 Northwest Crossing Drive Bend OR 97701 (541) 241-2889Need a tutor in Bend, OR? Call (541) 241-2889 for Sylvan Learning Center today to arrange private tutoring sessions for yourself or your student. Whether you need a math tutor to make sure your high school student gets a high grade in calculus, or need assistance with test prep, our tutors can help.


We can help students break through all types of academic challenges at our center. A Bend tutor can help with any tests that are coming up so that students get the best grade possible. Help prepare your child to get into a good college by signing them up for our SAT prep and ACT prep tutoring and classes.


If you didn’t earn your diploma and want to get ahead in your career and make more money, consider calling us for GED tutoring services. We can connect you with a dedicated GED tutor to get you on the right track. Is your child falling behind in his or her reading skills or test scores? A reading tutor from our tutoring center might be just the boost he or she needs.

Do not hesitate to contact a tutor in Bend, OR, by calling (541) 241-2889. Sylvan Learning Center has a diverse mix of caring tutors and teachers who can help you or your child with whatever subject is posing difficulties. We will make sure you are connected with a tutor who will be sensitive to whatever unique learning needs you or your child may have.

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Tutor in Bend, OR
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