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Vet 1308 N. Scott Avenue Belton MO (816) 974-4452You’ll find a vet in Belton, MO to care for all pets by dialing (816) 974-4452.  Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center is an award winning animal hospital with an experienced team of veterinarians able to aid dogs, cats, reptiles and many other animals.  Do you need a bird vet? Dr. Teresa Bradly Bays and Dr. Krystal Miller offer complete avian care too.

Like many pet owners, you probably love your furry little friends and want to keep them around.  To ensure your dog or cat remains healthy, you’ll want them to undergo regular pet wellness exams to check for medical or dental problems.  Contact our Belton vet center to arrange wellness checkups, veterinary dental care and any other preventative services.

One call here puts you in touch with an animal doctor able to help when you want a dog or cat treated or if you require an exotic animal vet to help gerbils and ferrets.  Our services include pet parasite control of fleas, ticks and heartworms along with veterinary surgery to spay, neuter or repair orthopedic injuries.  Do you want an alternative way to help an animal in pain?  We provide veterinary acupuncture for holistic pain relief.

The best call you can make for a vet in Belton, MO is right here.  Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center has the personnel and tools to care for all your household pets.  Call us at (816) 974-4452 to reach us now.

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Vet in Belton, MO
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