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Computer Hardware Repair 612 16th Avenue Belmar NJ 07719 (732) 927-1934 MAX IT Computer is your source for dependable computer repair in Belmar, NJ. Place your call to (732) 927-1934 when your desktop or laptop feels sluggish or you think it may be infected with a virus. Our technicians can assist you by running a diagnostic test to determine the cause of your problems.

Specializing in all aspects of services, from computer setup to data transferring, MAX IT is here to make your life easier by taking care of all your PC worries. With the ongoing changes in technology, we are constantly training to ensure that we know all of the latest techniques and updates that your computer can use. Performing a basic tune-up, such as clearing your internet history and cache, is a good way to clear up space on your hard drive and allow your computer to run faster. Hardware installation, including RAM upgrades and additional storage drives is another good and effective way to speed up your system.

In the event that your system has crashed before MAX IT Computers has been able to address your hardware repairs, allows us to provide data recovery assistance in addition to your computer repair in Belmar, NJ. Contact us today at (732) 927-1934 and let us get your files back for you before you decide to wipe the slate clean and install a fresh copy of Windows on your computer.

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  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Diagnostic
  • Computer Hardware Repair
  • Computer Setup
  • Computer Training
  • Computer Tune-Up
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Transfer
  • Desktop Computer Repair
  • Hardware Installation
Computer Repair in Belmar, NJ
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