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Foot Orthotics 24825 Union Turnpike Bellerose NY 11426 (347) 635-4924If you require the attention of a podiatrist in Bellerose, NY, please dial (347) 635-4924 for Barry Katzman, DPM. We specialize in the diagnosis of issues with your feet, ankles, and lower legs and offer comprehensive podiatric disorder treatment. Dr. Katzman is Board Certified in podiatric orthopedics and is highly qualified to perform both routine check-ups and complex podiatric surgery.

When your feet hurt, your quality of life suffers. If you are experiencing foot pain due to bunions, corns, or podiatric deformities, you should definitely give our office a call. We are committed to patient education, so we will keep you informed through the entire process. This gives you an active role in your care, which only helps to correct the underlying problem.

Whether you need treatment for arthritis, foot trauma, or just new diabetic shoes, you will find the relief you need at our comfortable and state of the art clinic. Call today to schedule a routine examination or to be fitted with custom foot orthotics, and begin on the path to healthy lower extremities. We also specialize in podiatric sports therapy to deal with injuries, offering both whirlpool therapy and electronic galvanic stimulation.

Contact a professional and qualified podiatrist in Bellerose, NY by dialing (347) 635-4924 for Barry Katzman, DPM. There is no foot or ankle problem that our foot doctor cannot treat, including diabetic conditions, wounds, and ankle injuries. Call today to schedule your initial examination and improve your quality of life.

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Podiatrist in Bellerose, NY
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