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Orthopedic Care 95 Somerville Road Bedminster NJ 07921 (908) 396-6888Do not hold off on obtaining physical therapy in Bedminster, NJ any longer. Call Excellent Physical Therapy at (908) 396-6888 for amazing orthopedic care. Our physical therapists will do what they must to ensure that any pain or discomfort you are experiencing is alleviated.

Since the beginning, we have made it our goal to gather insight on what exactly is plaguing our patients. Before we can address issues such as chronic pain care, we must first realize what is making our patient hurt and how we can fix this. Once we know how to solve your problems, we then have one-to-one sessions where we help you to overcome your pain. We even provide geriatric therapy as well for seniors who need assistance, all at an affordable cost.

The nightmare of any athlete is an injury. If you happen to be injured, let us help you overcome this nightmare by providing you with effective sports injury therapy. Using the latest breakthroughs in sports medicine, we will help you to overcome your injuries and get back into your activity of choice. Call today and let us put you back into the game once again.

The team here at Excellent Physical Therapy welcomes your call today at (908) 396-6888 so we can answer your questions and provide you with the relief you seek. From pediatric therapy to physical rehabilitation for any age group, we have the experience and expertise you can count on. Finding physical therapy in Bedminster, NJ that is trusted and affordable does not get any easier than this.

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Physical Therapy in Bedminster, NJ
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