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Excellent Physical Therapy 2460 Lamington Road Bedminister NJ (908) 396-6656Has growing older limited your mobility? Get physical therapy in Bedminster, NJ to improve your stride today. Dial (908) 396-6656 for Excellent Physical Therapy-Gait & Balance Program for Seniors and experience exceptional orthopedic care. Our specialized balance therapy program for seniors helps improve the physical limitations that the aging process has initiated including diminished gait, loss of strength, balance, and ambulation as well as decreasing functional abilities.

At Excellent Physical Therapy, we are extremely aware of the functional limitations encountered by our aging patients. Because of these age specific limitations, our Bedminister physical therapy program is specifically designed for patients 65 years and older. We begin by evaluating the current level of activity of each patient then design a therapeutic program to fit their individual needs. Our overall goal is to significantly improve walking, strength, balance and functional independence.

Because we understand that seniors may require less strenuous forms of exercise therapy, we set realistic goals for each patient and utilize a slow but steady pace. We also apply different therapeutic treatment methods throughout gait training and post-surgical rehabilitation to avoid injury and fatigue. Our licensed physical therapists specialize in geriatric rehabilitation and are trained to actively consider any medical restrictions that may limit a patient’s progress.

When you want physical therapy in Bedminister, NJ that caters to senior needs, dial (908) 396-6656 now. Excellent Physical Therapy - Gait & Balance Program for Seniors offers the specialized care you deserve. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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Physical Therapy in Bedminister, NJ
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