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Physical Therapy 256 Fox Hunt Drive Bear DE (302) 597-9387Take advantage of comprehensive physical therapy in Bear, DE personalized to your needs by calling Physiotherapy Associates.  (302) 597-9387 is what you dial to schedule an evaluation with one of our physical therapists to determine what of our many treatment options will help you find relief from physical pains.  Whether you’re dealing with chronic joint pain or require aid with injury rehab, we’re here to help you.

Severe and recurring hand or wrist pain may be an early indicator of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition caused by a pinched nerve.  Before taking the step of an operation, you may want to consult with Bear physical therapy experts able to offer wrist and hand therapy to relieve the pain and numbness of this disease.  We offer orthopedic care and other services to treat this and more.

As a rehabilitation specialist, we’re able to focus on the needs of the individual as opposed to offering one-size-fits-all treatments.  We have a sports injury specialist on staff able to aid with simple problems or postsurgical rehab and other sports medicine services.  Were you hurt on the job?  Ask about personalized workers comp rehabilitation by dialing our number now.

The first and only call to make for physical therapy in Bear, DE is to Physiotherapy Associates.  We’ll put a physical therapist on your individual case to ensure you get the proper care.  Dialing (302) 597-9387 will get you started in a therapy program.

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Physical Therapy in Bear, DE
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