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Attorney 11801 Pierce Street, Suite 200 Riverside CA 92505 (877) 862-9004Your DUI arrest requires the skills of an attorney in Azusa, CA. Hire an experienced lawyer by calling The Kavinoky Law Firm at (877) 862-9004 and allow our team of DUI attorneys to act as your most import line of defense. California law states that you have 10 days to request a DMV hearing before your California driving privileges are suspended.

Hiring our firm to represent you after a drunk driving traffic misdemeanor or felony DUI will get you personalized client focused attention. You can trust our experienced attorneys to provide the necessary resources for a proper defense, working with a team approach to your specific case. Our Azusa attorney understands the “implied consent” law and knows how to defend against it. Whether your reading was .08 or greater you still have a means of defending yourself against a drunk driving conviction. The question of whether your arrest was legal, whether the officers had reasonable cause to suspect you of DUI and whether your breath test was administered correctly are just three of the questions that our DUI attorney will require the state to answer effectively in your DMV hearing or court case.

When you need superior legal assistance from a DUI attorney in Azusa, CA, contact The Kavinoky Law Firm at (877) 862-9004 to get the backing of our DUI legal defense team. With short and long term consequences, being convicted of a DUI in the state of California could mean excessive fines, license suspension and in a felony case, jail time. Your time to launch an effective defense is short, so call our DUI lawyer before your 10 days expire.

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